What would I do without Complete IT Support? Even when I have a machine under warranty, I’d rather pay them to sort it out as I know that Dell will take a week to get to me, and then I have to give up a day’s work to be in ‘between 8am and 8pm’ for them to turn up with the wrong parts. At least with Complete IT Support, I know my machine will be picked up, fixed and delivered to me next day so I can keep my business running. I would be totally happy to pay a premium for this service, but they don’t charge me premium rates — far from it. It’s so reassuring to have a local company on my doorstep to ensure my business continuity.

Thank you so much Chris for running a company that gives me such peace of mind and works with me to ensure my business can function!

Helena Andrews  Digital Homeopath


We have used Complete IT Support to fix our PCs and laptops and are very happy to confirm the service is quick and efficient and the prices are

Many thanks from the Yoga centre in Reigate“

Complete IT Support gives exactly what the title says. Absolute support, even for non computer geeks like me !!

they are fast, efficient and accurate and all at very reasonable prices. I would honestly say that what Chris doesn’t know about computers is probably not worth knowing anyway. And, as an added bonus, he calms me down when the computer is making wild.“
Tony Lyons

Chris regularly helps with any PC related problems and always has a solution. Attentive, supportive, flexible and cost effective. Highly recommended IT Support service.“
Lee Wayland, LW design

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